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Wordly Collective is a social business that works with technology partners to develop language solutions to expand possibilities for a better life amongst minority language communities.


Our aim is to see communities flourishing in wholeness and life.


Inclusive to Minority Languages

Wordly Collective bridges the gaps amongst communities by using frontier technological tools to give a voice to minorities.

Preservation of Language

Wordly Collective helps to protect the intangible cultural heritage for everyone by instilling importance in all languages.

Create Employment Opportunities

Wordly Collective facilitates reskilling and upskilling that to equip minority groups to resolve social issues in their community.

Our Activities

Work with communities(MLC) in the area of language and culture preservation, restoring dignity and well-being.
Promote inclusiveness to minority languages in technological developments.
Encourage adapting and leveraging transformative models for minority language communities.
Facilitate employment opportunities through collaborations with partner organisations.

Meet the Team

Wei-Leong Goh

Co-founder, Chief Visionary

Goh Hong Yi

Co-founder, Chief Strategist

Su Tay

Innovation Enthusiast

Peter Hsu

Lead Global Thinker

Calvin Chan

Chief Community Connector

Melvyn Mak

Chief Business Developer