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Wordly Collective is a social enterprise that directs all of its net profit to enable minority language communities to flourish by connecting people through Language using Technology.

Focus Area

Community Development

Empower marginalized minority language communities to flourish in their native language.

Economic Empowerment

Create self sustaining communities that will help more people step out of  poverty.


Create localized information that will improve overall health and well-being.



Access to Education

Work towards universal secondary education.




How We See The Future

We long to see people flourishing in community using the languages they value the most through innovative collaborations

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Creating Transformative Impact through Missions, Linguistics and Innovation

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Why We Started

Find out why Wordly started and what changes we aim to bring.

Endangered Languages
Translated Languages
Unreached Groups

Categorised by The UNESCO, the increasing extinction of languages causes loss of culture and dignity for generations.

There are 7,111 languages in the world and but 75% of the world’s population speak only 25% of the world’s languages.

Wordly Collective believes and work towards holistic transformation through reaching the lost with the gospel.

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We are always open to collaborations and donations, feel free to contact us.